Black Oak's Ziva

"Hi, I bought 2 pups from yall back in 09 around Christmas time. I just wanted to keep in touch a bit and send you this picture. This is my dog Ziva and I, with her first hog. She has found hogs before, but this is the first one she found and that we got to get a shot on. Its about a 90 lb sow, and she did all the work by herself! I couldnt be more proud of her and how hard of a worker she is. It is truly amazing that doing things like this are just bred into them. Also, just the other day we were at some family's ranch house and the cows got out, all I had to say was Ziva get those cows and I pointed to them and she rounded up every single one of them back through the fence. That was the first time she ever really worked cows, and she did great. I get so many compliments on how beautiful she is every where I go, and I couldnt agree more. Thank you for such a wonderful dog!"

J. Love, owner of Black Oak's Ziva

Black Oak's Rebel Lee

"Pleased to finally be writing you, I'm Kyle Duncan's wife. We own Rebel. So many times I should have sat down and wrote a few lines to you about him. So I thought I would try to catch you up on your handsome man. He is like no other I've ever known. He truly worships me and my family. I have no fear when Rebel is out. Kyle and I had to be apart for 7 months. We both had peace of mind because no one would dare even get out of the car. But yet he met the meter reader once and the next month she was able to do her thing without Rebel eating her. Like he really knows the difference. He is fearless and brave, but sensitive too. If little Kyle would have a tear run down his face Rebel would quickly lick it away, and make him smile.

Story 2... We bought 2 pigs from the flea market they delivered them and one got away while transferring them to their pen. Rebel was in his kennel because it wasn't his turn yet. 3 hours later out came Rebel, within 15 minutes he started barking deep in the swamp like we had never heard him do before. When we found him he had our pig bayed and then circled the pig between Kyle and I many times until finally Kyle tackled it. Rebel never even seen a pig before and had never hunted yet.

Story 3.... A farmer's herd of cows got out and were running wild in the woods. We lived in the woods so they just happened by our house. Our daughter ran in the house to tell Kyle there were 20 cows in the woods!!! My husband ran to get Rebel out. Instinctively he ran to the cows and got them all in a bunch and looked to Kyle for a command. Not knowing what to do he told him to take them home and pointed to the house. Rebel put all 20 on our raised septic tank in our back yard .....again Rebel had never seen a cow and had never been trained. Like you say on your web page, you raise the ones that NATURALLY know how to work and hunt. He also teaches all his pups what he can before they go. Thank you very much for bringing Rebel into our lives."

Kyle & Mary Beth Duncan, Oak Hill Catahoulas - owners of Black Oak's Rebel Lee

"I just thought you would like to know about this pup of yours that went to Canada. She's a go-er, and LOVES to hunt. Excellent nose, can find where deer have fed in a field over-night and within 10 seconds figure out how they left the field, and if left to her own devices, will find those bedded deer in under 2 minutes. Amazing. What really blew me away is her ability to work cattle. I bought some cows, and had them get into a hayfield. I opened the gate and took the dog out to round them out. Blue instinctively helped move them through that gate. I would point at the cow I wanted and yell "That one, Blue" and that one would be herded by Blue through the gate. Doubly amazing. We are quite happy with her, although she can be a handful at times. Very loyal to me. Very. I can sleep out in the woods, camping or hunting, and nothing gets close to me. Excellent family dog. Anyways, I just thought I would give you an update, thanks for a great dog."

Bob Irvine, Wolf Creek Outfitters - owner of Black Oak's Lacey Blue

Black Oak's Madison

"Madison is doing great! I have been very happy with her. She is such a beautiful dog. She's very smart and coming along well with her obedience training. Madison's enthusiasm, intelligence, and sound temperament will help her become a great search & rescue dog. As you know, I originally planned to focus my attention on Madison's SAR training, and did not intend to show her. However, on a whim I decided to enter her in conformation at a nearby ACA show. She won first place in her class, then went on to take Reserve Best in Show Female! The judge was very taken with her. He commented that he rarely places young puppies over adults but that Madison is an outstanding dog. He said she has excellent conformation and such a rare natural ring presence that he was actually tempted to give her Best in Show overall! Later on, after the treeing trial, I took Madison to see the raccoon. I wasn't expecting her to know what to do, but to my surprise she ran right in and started baying like a champ! I was so proud of her! I couldn't have asked for a better dog. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a reliable working or show Catahoula."

Reese Alphin - owner of Black Oak's Madison

Black Oak's Reggie Bleu

"It's hard to believe, but Reggie will be 6 later this month. I can't begin to tell you how much he means to us. He's a great protector and a big baby. He's so intelligent, that sometime I wonder who is really in there! His 3-yr old pup that we have is a big, gentle, rabbit-hunting sweetheart. They add so much joy to our lives."

Frank & Sue Steffy - owners of Black Oak's Reggie Bleu

"Blaze has been started on his arson work and he and Gunner both have been made fire fighters.... Blaze for his arson work and Gunner for his cadaver work. So when people ask you can tell them that one of your little guys is a fire fighter. He is looking good, getting big, and seems real happy with his playmates, etc. He really is a great little guy... Ya did good work!!!"

Stephanie Walsh-Bunny, Jetta Catahoulas - owner of Black Oak's Jetta Blue Blaze

Black Oak's Cait

"Here is Cait! She weighs about 65 pounds. She is a beautiful dog, and we could not be happier with her temperament. We speak very highly of how professionally you and your parents were when we purchased Cait. When the time comes again, we hope to contact you for a future dog! Best of luck in veterinary school, and please stay in touch!"

Joel Percival, DVM & wife Tracie - owners of Black Oak's Cait

Black Oak's Kate

"Last weekend on her first attempt Kate got her Canine Good Citizenship Certificate. She was such a good girl. What amazed me the most is that the event was put on by our local shelter as an awareness/fund raiser so I knew many of the people present and several of them "borrowed" Kate to use in various games. I was busy working the agility ring and I'd look around to see a tail wagging Kate going off with someone. Everyone fed her treats, she got along well with all other dogs...what a joy. She was a happy girl and won lots of prizes for her handlers."

Patty Lane - owner of Black Oak's Kate

Black Oak's Ozzie Harriet

"I just want to let you know that I have gotten so many compliments on Ozzie. Everybody says that she is so pretty and that she is so well mannered. Just wanted to let ya'll know. Thank You!"

Amanda Faulkner McRaney - owner of Black Oak's Ozzie Harriet

"I was just going to let you know how the puppy is doing. I ended up naming her Laci and she is doing great. She is definately energetic and wants to chew everything insight including fingers and toes. She has been chewing at least one pig ear a day. She is also very smart and when she goes out in the yard she keeps coming back to me and sitting as if she is expecting a command. I haven't started much training yet as I was just letting her get accustomed to everything. She is almost house broken so that is very good news. Everyone that has seen her has said that she is cutest dog they have ever seen and I have to agree with them. She went to the vet last friday for booster shots and will go back again in a few weeks. Well thank you so much for such a wonderful dog and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone that is in the market for an awesome dog. Thanks again!"

Chris Threadgill - owner of Black Oak's Laci

"Short version, he's doing GREAT! He's smart as a whip, has learned to walk at our side when outside (most of the time anyway), and will sit upon command. He's gorgeous and getting big already. I'm guessing he's 10lbs (maybe more) heavier and getting taller by the day. We LOVE him and have gotten tons of compliments. His name is Makoa Imi, which is Hawaiian for Fierce/Brave/or Aggressive Hunter. I just call him Makoa (pronounced ma koe a)."

JD Spears - owner of Black Oak's Makoa Imi

"We purchased one of your dogs...named T-Beau I think. We renamed him Boudreaux. We have been so pleased with him that we purchased a female from another breeder. We live on a ranch in Texas and plan to have cattle. Recently, I helped (with a gun) Boudreaux run off a pack (5-6) of large wild dogs. We also have wild boar, coyote, and the occasional wolf, cougar, etc, out here. We have been so pleased with Boudreaux that we are considering getting another of your dogs. Bourdreaux has a sweet personality, and readily accepted the female Catahoula, our Yorkshire terrier, and two kittens."

Lynda Ovaert - owner of Black Oak's Boudreaux