Black Oak Catahoulas was established in 1995, with the purchase of our foundation stud, Beauregard Bleu. We have been Certified Breeders with the National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas since 1996 and are former board members of the now defunct American Catahoula Association. We also compete in UKC events. Catahoulas aren't just our hobby - they are our passion. We are actively involved in the breed and participate in shows and working trials whenever our schedule allows. We study genetics and pedigrees extensively, in an attempt to produce the highest quality dogs possible.

At Black Oak Catahoulas, we are committed to preserving the Catahoula the way it was meant to be - a versatile working dog. Whenever we plan a breeding, our primary goal is to produce pups with strong natural working ability. We generally prefer that our pups go to working/hunting homes, though we will ocassionally place a pup as a companion, depending on the circumstances.

We have placed pups nationwide, as well as in Canada and Mexico. We are pleased to have many repeat customers. Dogs from our kennel are being used for working cattle, hunting all types of game (including hog, coon, squirrel, deer, bear, and cougar), search & rescue, protection, agility, conformation, and companionship. We try to maintain the versatility of our line by utilizing dogs from varied working/hunting backgrounds and by using our own dogs for a variety of tasks (baying hogs, treeing, blood trailing, etc).

We also feel that conformation is very important and strive to produce dogs that are true to breed type. The Catahoula is a working cur breed. We prefer large, well muscled, square built dogs. We are striving to produce a line of dogs that are structurally sound, meet the breed standard, and are aesthetically pleasing.

We are involved with Catahoulas out of a genuine love for the breed. We do not breed for profit and don't make a living selling puppies. We generally only produce a litter every 2 to 3 years, when we need a replacement pup for ourselves. Prices vary somewhat, based on the pedigree and overall quality of the individual pup. Most of our pups start at $500 for a good working/show prospect out of champion lines. We require a deposit (applicable towards the total price) to reserve a pup. Sending a deposit assures us that you are serious about obtaining a Catahoula from us. We generally do not begin accepting deposits until after the pups have been born and we know what we have. We make note of our buyers' gender and color preferences and try to fulfill those preferences when possible. However, we cannot guarantee specific markings and/or eye colors and will NOT reserve a pup based strictly on color traits.

We make every effort to represent our dogs honestly and match new owners with the pups that we feel will best suit their needs. We stand behind what we produce. Health is guaranteed, and all pups are dewormed regularly and up to date on routine vaccinations at the time of sale. Rebates are offered for conformation and performance titles earned with pups from our kennel. We care deeply about our dogs, and will only place pups with individuals that we feel will properly care for and appreciate them. For several reasons, we generally prefer not to ship our puppies via the airlines. We usually ask our buyers to come pick up their puppies personally. However, shipping or delivery options are sometimes available (inquire).

We also offer stud service on a limited basis to approved NALC registered females. The pedigree, health, conformation, and working ability of each dog is evaluated before any breeding takes place. A current negative brucellosis test is required prior to all outside breedings.

If you want a good looking, well built dog with the size, natural ability, and grit to get the job done, call or email us!