D.O.B. 6-20-04
Color: Red Leopard/Tan & White Trim
Eyes: Glass

2nd - 3-6 Month Females NALC-MS '04
4th - 3-6 Month Females ACA LA '04
2nd - Puppy Treeing ACA LA '04
3rd - B-Class Puppy Bay ACA LA '04
4th - 9-12 Month Females NALC Spring '05
1st - 1-3 Year Females ACA TX '06
2nd - Year & Older Females NALC Spring '07
4th - Year & Older Females NALC Fall '07
1st - Senior Females NALC-TX 2010
3rd - Senior Females NALC-MS 2010
4th - 2 Dog B-Bay NALC-TX 2011

Lee's Remington was a beautiful dog with excellent conformation. Remington started baying hogs and coons when she was 3 months old. She was out of an outstanding line of conformation, working, and hunting dogs. We lost Remington to hepatic/pancreatic cancer on 2/17/2016. She will be greatly missed.


Great Grandparents
GRCH of SHCHs Lee's El Nino Aden's Zack 4-WAY CH GoGo's Wolf River Buck
SHCH Aden's PIBs Angel
Balentine's Savannah Ice SHCH Mandeville's Navajo Joe
Reedy's Choice Morning Star
Lee's Farrah 4 WAY CH GoGo's Wolf River Buck SHCH King's Pretty Boy
SHCH Wolf River's Betsy
GRCH of SHCHs Lee's Penny Aden's Jake
Balentine's Savannah Ice

Remington on her first coon at 3 months of age

Remington on her first hog at 3 months of age